Visual Artist

Superimposing Juxtaposition


In my current city of Dundee, the 'city of discovery' and hometown of my grandfather, I set out in search of common ground, uncovering Dundee’s violent past. 


The archives of Dundee tell of a gang culture embedded in history. My work converts archive information into the public arena. This stems from historical documents; annual police reports from the 1960s to the 1990s and newspaper cuttings from The Courier during the peak of Dundee’s gang culture, as well as cuttings from The Irish Times and The Belfast Telegraph. 


My practice develops from the results of my own research at Dundee Central library, Dundee City Archives, Dundee university’s archive collection and newspaper archives from Belfast Central Library. The idea for the work came from my experiences as a military child living in Palace Barracks, Northern Ireland and my family history during the Troubles. I am influenced by a range of artists, Claudio Hils, Christian Boltanski, and Sophie Calle and by continental philosophy by Jacques Ranciere and Theodor Adorno.